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Round the World Flight - The Best Way to See the World

A round the world flight is a convenient way to see and explore the world. For some travellers and frequent flyers, round the world tickets are the keys to the best adventures.


Book all flights in one go


Purchasing round the world tickets can often be done in a single sitting. You go to an airline alliance's website, then start adding different flights to the list. After that, you pay for the total cost.


In case you find the airline alliance's price to be too expensive, you have one more option. Specialised travel agencies can book your round the world tickets as well as business class round the world tickets. They do everything manually to find the cheapest airfare available and pass on the cost benefits to customers.


Cancel or change your flights anytime


Both major airline alliances and travel agencies allow their customers to change the dates and time of their flights. However, changes are often more expensive with airline alliances. Apart from this, you may not be allowed to change your destinations. Travel agencies, on the other hand, are more flexible and personalised. You can plan your trip your way and even make last minute changes in terms of date, time, routes, and places.


Travel around the world on a budget


Contrary to popular belief, round the world tickets won't cost you a fortune. By limiting the number of destinations and flying in one direction, you can stay within your budget. To save more, you can also combine it with overland travel. This is a great way to explore any country—something that you cannot do when you are on an aeroplane. However, only specialist travel agencies allow this option.


Free stopovers


Most of the time, connecting flights are more expensive. This isn't always true with round the world flights. Travel agencies can arrange your stopovers so that you can stay and enjoy the city for a day as you wait for your next flight, for little to no charge.


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